Generous commissions

Benefit from aggressive and flexible
commissions: Revshare, Oneshot, CPL

Dating Affiliation offers 3 program types and one referral program.

See below, a description of each program Dating Affiliation offers, so you can choose the one that best fits with your business goals.


Up to46

per sale and renewal

The Revshare program is ideal for partners with a long-term approach. With revshare, you will earn commission on each subscription, renewal, purchase and upsell (extra pack).

Not only our revshare payout is high, but the payout will increase as the volume of sales increases.


Up to77

per sign up

This program is ideal for partners seeking a high payout on each new sale without willing to wait for recurring revenue. No need to worry about chargebacks. With the Oneshot programs, chargebacks are not deducted from your commissions.

Your income will also evolve depending on the volume of sales generated.


Up to5,5

at each registration

No need to worry about rebills or conversion. As soon as you have generated registrations on one of our dating websites, we will pay you a commission of up to 5.5€ per registration.

Please see the conditions that apply to this payment method in the section 'My Payout'.


Up to10%

webmaster referral

Dating Affiliation enables you to earn extra commissions if you refer new partners on our program, who then generate commissions.

We offer two referral programmes:

  • Earn 3% commissions lifetime generated by your referred partners
  • Earn 10% commissions from all referred partners during 12 months, from their sign up date.