Ride the wave of extra-marital dating with an Idilys affiliation: join an in-vogue concept through a website with advanced graphics and innovative functions.

Discretion is all

Idilys is a website dedicated to those looking for extra-marital relationships that are exciting and, above all, discreet.
Confidentiality is primordial in this sector and we offer a unique dating service for adults who are married or in a relationship within a discreet and secure space.

Power to the ladies

One of the specificities of Idilys and a key to its success lies in the decision to empower women so they can have as enjoyable an experience as possible.
In concrete terms, this means functions that are reserved for them such as the recommendation system, or the "contact filters" which enable them to define which members can contact them.

A concept that encourages conversion

Every day, Idilys appeals to large numbers of men and women through a website that is attractive, secure and discreet.
It has all you could wish for to ensure conversions are plentiful, since every member of Idilys is real and is really looking to find a partner.
In addition, registration is completely free and the profiles are adapted for adultery so as to encourage surfers to find unfaithful members near them.
Maximise your income right away by promoting a quality programme and a niche that has one of the best conversion rates!


  • NicheAffair
  • Available languagesFR, ES, IT
  • PayoutUp to 37% Revshare / 3,5€ CPL