Invoices and payments

When do I receive my payments?

Payments are sent on the 20th of each month for the activity of the last month. For example, for the activity of September, you will be paid on October 20th, but you must request your payment in the "My Payments" section.

How do I receive Payment ?

To get paid, you need to request your payment before 9am the 16th of each month. In the My Payments section, tick the invoice(s) which you would like to be paid and click on "Request payment".

What's the minimum Payout ?

You must generate at least 100 EUR commissions in order to request a payment. If your monthly earnings are below 100 EUR, your earnings will be automatically added to the following month until the minimum threshold is reached.

Why is VAT not included in my invoice ?


Account info

Can I change my administrative information?

Except from your account username, you are free to modify any information of your account. Account information can be changed here.

Do you have a referral program ?

Dating Affiliation allows you to earn additional commissions if you refer new affiliates that generate commissions. We offer two referral programs:

- Earn 3% lifetime commission generated by your referred affiliates
There are no limits on the number of affiliates you can refer
Therefore, if all of your referred affiliate generate € 10,000 for a given month, € 300 will be credited to your account, in addition to your commissions!

- Earn 10% commission on your referred partners for a period of 12 months
. There are no limits on the number of affiliates you can refer, but earnings will be limited for a period of 12 months from the sign up date.

To start referring affiliates on Dating Affiliation, click here .


Can I promote Dating services even if I don't have a website or programming skills?

Yes, you can get turnkey websites from Dating Affiliation by selecting "Landing page". We also offer a White Label editing tool which enables you to easily create your own dating website starting with our advanced solution (product + payment). Find out more at the section White Label.

Can I include information in my tracking url in order to track by subid, campaign or keyword for example?

Yes, Dating Affiliation offers two parameters (tracker 1 and tracker 2) enabling you to actively add values to your urls to better manage your tracking and analysis. For each sale or registration, you can find these values which are connected to our statistics tables.


Are statistics in real time ?

Update your statistics automatically every 5 minutes.